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Your car is your entertainment system on wheels—or is it? Think about it. The average commute time through Sandy is 20 minutes each way. That’s nearly an hour every single weekday just to punch the clock. Add those lunch dates, weekend warrior escapes, trips to the gym and grocery store into the mix, and suddenly you’re spending more time in your vehicle than you are snuggled on the couch.

So why does your home entertainment system get all the attention? You and your car deserve car audio systems that deliver. From smartphone auto entertainment integration to top of the line auto speaker systems including subwoofers and amplifiers, your car audio is no place to skimp. After all, you deserve to hear that NPR program, favorite morning show and your Pandora selections as crisp as if you were in the studio with them.

It’s Not Just the Music

When you think “audio solutions,” you probably automatically think music. That’s not always the case, but it’s a big part of it. Drop down entertainment or headrest tablet solutions are a must have for many folks, especially parents with a car full of young ones. And then there’s social media integration such as Facebook, Pandora, and Bluetooth hands free phone and music. Touch screen navigation? Yes – we have that, too.

Remote car start and car alarms are also part of your must-have package. After all, only being able to start your ride when you’re in the driver’s seat is so last century. Plus, you need a car alarm that will seriously keep your admirers at bay. Most of those factory options just don’t cut it.
Choose from a wide selection of car amplifiers, integrated auto sound systems and personalized alarms that combine quality and value. We even have clear bras and window tinting! You get a lifetime warranty on all installations, so if you’re investing in that second generation Trans Am or 1964 ½ Mustang, there’s never any worry that the installation will get a little shaky 10 or even 20 years down the road—even if that road is a little bumpier than expected.

But Do You Have…

Yes, Innovative Audio has it—whatever “it” may be. All the big names like Pioneer, Alpine and Kenwood are here. Viper, Avital and Python Remote AC, marine iPod CD players and speakers for the boat are here, too. Layaways, financing, deals and clearance events with serious bargains are our specialty. As always, 100 percent rock solid customization and personalization comes with every installation. Every system, every vehicle and every person is different. Shouldn’t your audio care and installation be unique, too?

Located in East Sandy, Utah, Innovative Audio is a local company serving local residents like you. There aren’t any 800 numbers, we’re open on Saturdays, and all of our employees and installers are your neighbors. This is how car interiors should be done, whether it’s rear seat entertainment or keeping you connected to social media while on the road. Visit us today for sound you can feel!

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