The Most Innovative Man In The World

A few months ago we ran an ad campaign called “The Most Innovative Man In The World”.  We used B. Conners voice from a local radio station as the narrator.  Us at the shop loved it and we even turned it into a video.  The public not so much.

What do you think?  love it or hate it?

NEW PS 165 FX Flax Focal Speakers Are In


Focal Flax Cone Speakers

The 6”1/2 woofer has the new flax cone for a neutral sound without coloration, more dynamique, natural reproduction hung by a Butyl surround with an excellent reliability. The phase plug in the center of the cone also offer a better dispersion than the PS 165 F woofer.

Processed Aluminum/Magnesium inverted dome tweeter for smoothness and definition without directivity. The tweeter is equipped with the new poron suspension for long life.

The speakers are plugged to a powerful bi amp crossover.

TRANSLATION – these are a awesome sounding speaker for the price.  If your looking for a higher end sounding system come into the store and listen to them.

If you’ve heard them tell us what you think.